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What is Digital Phone?
Digital Phone is leading edge technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network over your High Speed / Broadband Internet Service. This is also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

How is Digital Phone different from my current landline local phone service?
Digital Phone works virtually the same way as your local phone service does. It has a wide selection of calling features and can be used with a standard phone handset. As Digital Phone uses VOIP technology to connect your calls, it is much less expensive than the traditional telephone service.

However, there are important differences between Digital Phone and landline phone service specified in the
Service Limitations.

Where is World-Link Digital Phone Available?
World-Link Digital Phone is available across Canada and in other countries. So long as you have a High Speed / Broadband Internet connection, you can use World-Link Digital Phone anywhere.

Who currently subscribes to World-Link Digital Phone service?
World-Link Digital Phone is ideal for a wide range of High Speed / Broadband Internet users.

  • Families with children who need a cost-effective solution for additional phone lines.
  • Cable or DSL Internet and cell phone users who would like to replace their landline service.
  • People who have family and friends in other parts of Canada.
  • Families who want to save on local phone expenses.
  • Families who want to reduce their long distance expenses.

Do the people I call have to subscribe to Digital Phone service?
No. As long as they have an active telephone line you will be able to reach them.

Will anyone be able to call me?
Yes, with World-Link Digital Phone you can make and receive calls just like you would with traditional phone service. Anyone can call you from anywhere.

How do I make local and long distance calls from my World-Link Digital Phone?
Making local and long distance calls from Digital Phone is the same as from a traditional phone.

For local calls: Dial the area code + the phone number.
For long distance calls: Dial 1 + area code + the phone number, or
Dial 011 + country code + phone number for international call.

Does World-Link Digital Phone protect me from premium charged calls (ie. 900 numbers) on my account?
Yes, all 900 and 976 numbers will be blocked from the service.

What calling features are available with World-Link Digital Phone Service?
Features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-way Conference, etc are available with World-Link Digital Phone Service.

What kind of equipment do I need?
All you need is a Gateway (World-Link Digital Adapter), a High Speed / Broadband Internet connection (Cable or DSL modem), a router and a standard phone handset.

Does World-Link Digital Phone include 9-1-1 service?
9-1-1 is available to World-Link Digital Phone subscribers and Monthly Service Fee of $0.75 per number will be applied. There are several important factors to consider regarding the impact of this service on your emergency calls. The type of 9-1-1 Service available to you depends on where and how you use your Digital Phone service.

Does World-Link Digital Phone include 4-1-1 Service?
4-1-1 Service is not available yet.

Will my new World-Link Digital Phone number be listed in my local telephone directory?
No, World-Link Digital Phone telephone numbers are not listed in local telephone directories like traditional telephone numbers.

How is my World-Link Digital Phone number assigned to me?
When ordering World-Link Digital Phone service, any available telephone numbers from the Area Code inventory will be automatically selected and confirmed for you. In some cases, you maybe allowed to select from a very limited list of numbers.

What do you mean by "selecting your area code"?
As a World-Link Digital Phone customer you are not limited to the local area code of the place you live any more. You can select any other area code that is within World-Link Digital Phone service area. For example, you could live in Vancouver or Montreal and select a Toronto phone number (416 area code). This means that all your calls to Toronto as well as all calls to you from Toronto will be considered local (not long distance).

Can I keep World-Link Digital Phone service if I move?
Yes. You may keep your service and your phone number or we can provide you with another local number. You just need to have a High Speed / Broadband Internet connection at your new location. Whenever you move, it is important to update your contact information with us.

Can I use the service if I travel?
Yes. In most of cases you can use your service and your phone number when you travel, domestically or abroad. Just plug your World-Link Digital Adapter into a High Speed / Broadband Internet connection at your new location and you are ready to go. All your calls will be treated the same way as if using Digital Phone at your home. For example, if you travel from Toronto to Montreal or Hong Kong, you can take your service with you, plug into High Speed / Broadband Internet there, and make calls as if you were still in Toronto (i.e. people could still reach you at your 416 # or you can call their 416 # and neither party would be charged long distance). Due to the different network setup, there are cases when the service cannot be used in a new location.

How long after I subscribe to World-Link Digital Phone Service will I get my World-Link Digital Phone Starter Kit?
We will mail the Starter Kit to you; it will take around 7 working days. Or, to save the shipping and handling fee, you can pick up your World-Link Digital Phone Starter Kit from World-Link’s office at Suite 200, 340 Ferrier Street, Markham, ON. L3R2Z5.

When will my World-Link Digital Phone Service start?
Once you have received your Digital Adapter, your service will be started on the same day. You can install and start using the service immediately.


Can I transfer my current phone number to World-Link Digital Phone?
Yes. You can port your existing landline phone number to Digital Phone if you are within serviceable areas. Please check
service availability.

How long does it take to port a phone number over to World-Link?
Under normal circumstances, it will take around 15 - 25 business days.

How do I know that the porting process is completed?
You will get a target date and when you test call your old phone number and it rings on the World-Link Digital Phone, the porting process is completed.

Do I have to cancel my contract with current local service provider?
It's very important that you DO NOT cancel your current phone service until the porting process is completed or you may lose your phone number. Once your phone number is ported to World-Link and your phone number rings at World-Link Digital Phone, your phone service with the previous company should automatically cancel. At that time, you may cancel your phone service with your local service provider, including your long distance carrier, to avoid any additional charges from them.

What happens while my number is being ported?
During the porting process, we provide you a temporary number so that you can begin to use our service immediately. Then, when your number is ported, you will be informed. Once your number porting request has been submitted, it cannot be stopped. If you wish to cancel your World-Link service, World-Link is not able to transfer your number back to your current provider. World-Link can only transfer your number to your new carrier who will also need to submit the request for Local Number Portability.

What if my number cannot be transferred?
If World-Link cannot port your number, you may choose to get a new World-Link number in your area or elsewhere. Or, you may decide to keep your existing phone number with minimal service and add a World-Link number that will help you save on outgoing calls, North America long distance calls and international calls.

Can I transfer an existing cellular number to World-Link Digital Phone service?
Yes. Wireless Number Portability is now available in Canada. You can transfer cell numbers as well as traditional phone numbers subject to service availability.

What are the factors that may delay the number porting process?
- The name and address you provided for the number porting is not exactly the same as what you have in your local phone service provider.
- You have a contract with your current local service provider.
- Your phone service is bundled with your DSL Internet Service.
- Your current phone service has special features such as Special Ring Tone, ISDN or CENTREX related advanced features.

Will my home phone be interrupted during the porting process?
Under normal circumstances, the phone number porting process takes about 15 to 25 business days. Your phone service will not be affected until the last few days of the process. Right before the phone number is finally ported over to World-Link, you may experience a few days of interruption of incoming call to that phone number.

Are there any charges to transfer my number to World-Link?
World-Link will be responsible for the costs to get your number ported to World-Link and will not charge you for any Port-In fee. However, for some promotional plans, or, if you cancel the service within 1 year from your submission of the Letter of Authorization for Local Number Porting, a $40 Port-In fee per number will be charged. World-Link will not be responsible for any termination fees imposed by any other service provider as a result of you porting your number to World-Link.

Are there any charges to transfer World-Link’s telephone number to another service provider?
For porting a World-Link number to another service provider, a Port-Out fee of $40 per number will be charged.

What should I do if I have DSL or ADSL Internet Service?
If you have a phone number with the local service company providing DSL/ADSL Internet service, we recommend you heed the following advice before the porting date to avoid interruption of your DSL Internet.
- have your DSL or ADSL placed on a separate phone number (with the cheapest calling plan) with your current service provider, or
- order and install DRY DSL if your current service provider offers it, or
- switch to Cable Internet.


How fast does my Internet connection need to be?
The average DSL or Cable connection is sufficient to use the World-Link Digital Phone Service.

I have "Lite" Internet Service, can I use World-Link Digital Phone?
World-Link does not recommend "Lite" Internet service, below 3Mbps; due to its limited there are higher chances of voice quality problems.

Can I use World-Link Digital Phone with dial-up Internet?
No. World-Link Digital Phone cannot be used with any type of dial-up Internet service.

Will World-Link Digital Phone service work on every phone jack in my house?
No, World-Link Digital Phone does not use traditional phone jacks. It only works directly with the Gateway (Digital Adapter) and with a DSL or Cable modem. To use more than one phone with your World-Link Digital Phone service, we recommend using an expandable cordless phone system.

Can I use fax with your service?
The Digital Home Phone Service may not work with a fax connection due to machine configurations, internet connectivity, and bandwidth fluctuations. Faxing using Digital Home Phone Service is provided on a best-efforts basis and World-Link assumes no liability whatsoever and provides no guarantee that faxing will work.

Does World-Link Digital Phone service support home security systems?
World-Link Digital Phone service may not be compatible with all non-voice communications equipment including but not limited to home security systems.

Can I add multiple phone numbers with Digital Phone?
You can add more than one phone number per Digital Adapter.

Can I use my own equipment from another service provider like an adapter, or IP phone?
No. Only the World-Link Digital Adapter can be used with the World-Link Digital Phone service.

Do I need a computer to call?
No. A computer is not necessary. You do need to have High-speed / Broadband Internet access. (DSL or Cable). We mail you a World-Link Digital Adapter that you plug your phones into.

Do I need to turn my computer on to use World-Link Digital Phone?
No. World-Link Digital Phone does not require a computer. However, World-Link Digital Phone allows you to talk and surf the Internet at the same time.

Can I talk on the phone and use my computer at the same time?
Yes, your World-Link Digital Phone service will work even if you are simultaneously accessing the Internet, sending files or instant messaging over the same broadband connection with your computer. Use of data services at the same time as use of World-Link Digital Phone may affect sound quality.

Will World-Link Digital Phone work during a power outage?
No, a power outage will prevent ALL service from working. But if you buy a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a continuous power supply (CPS) it will continue to work. It is important if you need 911 access during power outages.


What is the cause of choppy calls and is there anything that can be done to fix this?

  • Choppy calls are usually caused by high latency or packet loss in the ISP's network.
  • High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over your Internet connection.
  • Packet loss is when information is lost over your Internet connection.
  • Either symptom can be caused by ISP (Internet service provider) problems, Internet congestion, or heavy bandwidth usage such as online gaming or file sharing.
You can determine if there is any problem by using any number of Internet speed tests. If your upload or download is lower than your ISP's advertised speeds, you may be experiencing Internet connectivity problems. Please note that it is quite common that an ISP does not deliver the exact advertised speeds.

What is the cause of echo and is there anyway to eliminate this problem?
In a voice telephone call, an echo occurs when you hear your own voice repeated. Problems with echo are always originating on the far end of your call. This is due to the latency on your Internet connection causing the delayed playback of your voice. This typically happens over traditional phone lines, but with minimal latency, the echo usually goes unnoticed.

    There are two ways an echo can occur:
  1. Electrically through poor quality phone cables.
  2. Acoustically (feedback) through sound waves between the phone's speaker and microphone.

We recommend asking the other party to lower the phone volume in order to reduce the feedback of your voice. If the problem is originating electrically, advise the other party that their telephone cables may need to be replaced.

As a last resort, try different telephone sets to reduce echo, as some telephones have special echo-cancellation technology. Quality of the telephone plays an important role. However, higher priced units do not always guarantee higher quality calls in terms of echo-cancellation. Echo- cancellation is dependent upon the internal technology of the telephone, and how the transmit and receive signals are exchanged.

What is the cause of dropped calls?
Dropped calls are usually associated with Internet connectivity issues.

  • High latency and packet loss can affect your call.
  • High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over your Internet connection.
  • Packet loss is when information is lost over your Internet connection.

Suddenly I am unable to receive any inbound calls. What is the cause?
The inability to receive inbound calls is directly related to the Digital Adapter's ability to register with our proxy server. If the Digital Adapter is not registered, the Digital Phone proxy server will be unable to route calls to the device. When a call is unable to reach the World-Link Digital Adapter, World-Link Digital Phone will route the call to your voicemail.

There are a few reasons your Digital Adapter may not be able to register with the Digital Phone proxies:

  • Power outages
  • Loss of Internet connectivity
  • Router/firewall security options blocking Digital Phone traffic

If this problem occurs, verify you have Internet connectivity and/or check your router/firewall security settings and reboot the Digital Adapter. To reboot the Digital Adapter, unplug the power cord from the device, wait 15 seconds, and then plug it back in. This will initiate a new registration request. Wait 5 minutes for the device to completely boot up, before attempting to make a call.

What is the cause of static on the line?
Static or buzzing noises on your line can only occur on the analog side of the phone system. This analog segment consists of your phone and phone cable. Once the signal is sent through the World-Link Digital Adapter, it is digitized and can no longer create static or buzzing.

Try replacing the telephone cable and/or telephone.

Cordless telephones can generate static due to a weak signal-connection between the base of the telephone and the handset. Weak signals can be due to low batteries in your handset, or the recommended range between the handset and base station has been exceeded. If you are using a wireless router, try moving it away from the cordless phone’s base unit as each wireless device may interfere with each other.

I don’t hear a dial tone. What should I do?
Please try this checklist:

  • Make sure the telephone is plugged into the appropriate port, Phone 1
  • Disconnect and re-connect the telephone cable between the World-Link Digital Adapter and telephone.
  • Make sure your telephone is set to its tone setting (not pulse)
  • Reboot your World-Link Digital Adapter.

What is the proper procedure to reboot (power cycle) my network?

  1. Start with your Cable/DSL Modem. Unplug it from the wall/power strip, wait approximately 30 seconds (or follow the manufacture's instructions), plug it back in, and wait for it to completely reboot before continuing.
  2. 2. Then reboot your Web safe router. Again by unplugging it from the wall/power strip, waiting 10 seconds (or follow the manufacture's instructions), plugging it back in, and waiting for it to completely reboot before continuing.
  3. Then reboot your computer and ensure that you have Internet access before continuing. If you do not have Internet access, please contact your Internet provider. If you have Internet access on your computer, then continue by rebooting your World-Link Digital Adapter.

We had a power outage and now my phone is not working.
If power was interrupted, you may have to reboot your router and World-Link Digital Adapter. Reboot the router by unplugging the power adapter from the outlet. This will reset the device.

My World-Link Digital Phone doesn't work, I'm using Rogers' Hitron#CGN3 modem.
Digital Phone traffic may be blocked by firewall security settings of your modem/router, you can enable DMZ on your modem setting for bypass firewall to your Phone Adapter's IP.
see details


How do I get charged for the service?
Your credit card will be charged and we will send you the invoice via email.

When do I get charged for the service?
Depending on the plan you subscribed to, you will be charged for initial payment as soon as you sign up for the service, followed by subsequent monthly payment, if any.

Are there any additional fees that may be incurred?

Activation Fee: $29.99if applicable
Equipment Deposit: $60.00if applicable
Equipment Shipping & Handling: $12.99if applicable
Additional Canadian Phone No: $4.95per number
Port-IN Fee: $40.00if applicable
Port-Out Fee: $40.00if applicable
Early Termination Fee: $109.99if applicable
  (include: Activation Fee: $29.99, Admin Fee: $20, Refundable Equipment Deposit: $60) - $60 Equipment Deposit will be refunded upon return of the Digital Adapter in good order within 10 days after cancellation.
Processing Fee: $9.75if applicable
Re-programming Fee: $10.00if applicable
Change of Service: up to $10.00if applicable
Equipment Replacement Cost: up to $99.00if applicable
Packaging Box: $10if applicable
Blue Cable: $10if applicable
Power Adapter: $40if applicable
Long Distance Toll Fee: see rate table
911 Service: $0.75per month
Applicable Taxes: varies by province