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Do you need a "1-800 Toll Free" number?
  • For friends/family members living out of town to call you.
  • For children studying out of town to call home.
  • For when you are on vacation or a business trip to call home.
  • If you find using a pay phone to call home in an airport and it is very expensive.

Would you like to own a personal "Toll Free" number? For your friends and family members to call you wherever you are, at home or on the road (toll free number can be terminated at your cell phone number). You will receive a long distance bill for these calls. It is only 7¢/min for calls originated from Canada and 8¢/min for calls originated from the USA. Please call our customer service for detailed information.

Toll Free calls originating from Canada or US Payphone will have a 75 cent surcharge applied to the call.

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Please call our customer service hotline 905-513-3087 or 1-877-513-3087 for more information.

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